Graphic Art Design

Projects and Pricing

  1. Projects are scheduled by agreement between the artist and client. Rushed services may be available.
  2. Pricing is based on the time involved at $40/hr. More time spent will accrue more costs in 15 minute increments after first hour.
  3. Please provide project concepts for a planned output if you need to cut costs.
  4. Project Fees are due after the first sample, BEFORE the finished vector files can be sent. Pre-pay Accounts are only due every 30 days when in negative balance (advanced credit)*. **
  5. Some processes may take time to share with you. If needed for you to get a solid project direction, I can provide Advisor Services to those whom I can assist with my 15+ years of industry experience and knowledge about functional, competitive graphics and print industry.

Pre-pay Art Department

Pay ahead to get several project files faster. Plus get advance credit to help keep things running smoothly between busy times.

Start an account with $400 down, and receive $200+ in advance credit on Project Files**

Pricing for Project Files:

Quick Project $60-$120

Custom Lettering and Creating images into master vector files or other formats. Usually T-shirt designs, banners and decals.

Website $120-$320

Using custom logos and art files Designing / setup with basic tech support .

Large Vinyl or Vehicle Wrap $320-$600

Totally Competitive looks for Racing, Advertising or Indoor Themes

Business Pack $600-$1200

Several Items together: Book Layout/ Publishing, Website Design, Business Logo, Shirt Design, Business Card Design & Flyer... (various)

Advise, Consult and Train

Advisor Services $120/hour (charged in 5 minute increments) Times scheduled by Appointment including but not limited to:

  • Industry Printing Technologies
  • Vector Art Creation and usage
  • Adobe Photoshop + Advanced screenprint Tricks
  • Advanced Cross-Platform Color Separation Methods- (Separate anything)
  • Illustration and Sketching for production
  • Home Media or Book Publishing

Payment Fees

Project Fees are due after the proofing, before the finished vector files are sent. Ongoing projects and commercial accounts are due every 30 days*. Failure to pay the balance within 1year or meet the pay arrangement can result in temporary or permanent refusal of services. Paying customers always come first!

Payments are through Paypal , Moneygram by mail or regular Credit/Debit at a secure Paypal link.Local Checks and Cash accepted. Notice: Returned Checks may have a $30.00 return fee*. Late Fees are the larger of $5 or 5% per project fee due, per 30 days*. *Unless special arrangements are agreed upon prior to projects. **Late fees apply to accounts in (advance credit) negative balance. advance credit only on files and services, not retail goods.Edited 7.9.19
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